Our good time at "OC Night Market"

As you know, there were a night market in Orange County. It's called OC Night Market. There were many vendors participating it. Most of the vendors were food stand. You can enjoy food and beverage for sure. This is the true purpose for going to a night market. Other than that, there were also many stands selling clothes, toys, and so on. Therefore, we were there as well.

You will probably assume that we are going to sell BBQ accessories. It might be a good business because there were so many food stand. We can offer a replacement for them. Sounds good, right?  

However, we decide to have our cultural and creative merchandises products sold on OC Night Market. The reason is simple. You don't see this products a lot. Our products are all from Taiwan. When it comes to Taiwan, quality will be the first thing that you get.

This time, we have our iMug, TR55 Ion water bottle, energy cup, and tea bags for sale. Those are our hot products. No wonder it sold pretty well at that moment.  
The most popular one is our TR55 ion water bottle. There are 6 colors and 2 sizes to choose. It is very attractive. It catches all the attention.


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