A perfect items for this unpredictable weather.

Recently, the temperature difference is quite huge. It can be so cold in the morning and evening. You will start shaking when you got out off bed. You will find out that the windows of your car will be foggy. Sometimes, you will quit taking a shower. It's all about the freezing temperature. 


It's cloudy almost every morning. Hot water will be your best choice. You might want to ask that is it okay to contain hot water inside? It's plastic, right? I understand your questions. Let me tell you something. Our TR-55 can contain hot water. Also, it's BPA free. 

The appearance is pretty as well. So perfect to bring it to a small trip
Beautiful beach and beautiful water bottle.

How about have a pool party or swimming? Yeah, it looks nice too.

Or exercising with it? Sure! It fits any situations. 

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