New sales items are coming online!

Previously on our sales items, we had our power burners and iMugs as our sales item. I believe you all had what you need. For those who choose power burner, it did save you some time on cooking, right? You had more time to do something else. For those who choose iMug, I believe that you all had a good impression on it. It not only looks beautiful, but also to be very handy.

As for our newest sales items, we've chosen our motor family. We have four kinds of motors you can choose.

1. ISM-20

2. ISM-15

3. ISM-15L

4. ISM-09

Each kinds of motors are slightly different than the other. Remember to choose the best for you. With motors, you don't have to pay too much attention to BBQ. Spinning can take care of everything. Then, you will have more time, handling other stuff.


What about our sales items for daily life? Here it is. Our TR55 ion water bottle!

You will probably don't know which one you should choose. It has two sizes and 6 different colors. Let me teach you how to choose.

First, choose your favorite color, of course. It's not hart to choose in 6 colors.

Second, choose the capacity. Either 500.c.c or 700.c.c. If you are looking for something that is easy to carry. Then, 500.c.c might be your good choice. If you consider refilling your bottle as an annoying job, 700.c.c will be suitable for you. 

What makes our bottle so special?

First of all, it can contain hot water inside. You do not hear that a plastic bottle can contain hot water. Our bottle are made from special plastic. So it's not a big surprise that our bottle can do that.

Second, it contain with ion energy. Let's ignore the complex scientific terms. I will put it in the easy way. Ion energy can change the structure of water. Hmm. I don't even know what I am saying. Honestly, it will make liquid taste better. Have you ever left your water bottle in the car overnight or for a couple of days and it tastes not good. I can say that you will never encounter this situation if you are using our bottle.

Just grab the opportunity and enjoy the items I've mentioned above.

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