Exploring the Beauty and Artistry of Taiwanese Majolica Tiles

" A Journey Through History and Culture "
Square ceramic tiles with colorful floral patterns,
known as "Huaqiang" in Taiwan.
The craftsmanship required not only involves skillful carving techniques but also requires years of experience and knowledge in ceramic firing and glaze properties.
" Each step requires precise control and countless tests and adjustments to fully reproduce the style of the floral tiles from the past "
  • During the carving process, the boundaries and heights of the patterns affect the distribution and concentration of the glaze colors in subsequent steps.
  • In the glazing process, the proportion of the glaze ingredients determines the stability and gloss of the colors.
  • And during the firing process, temperature changes affect the firing effect of the glaze colors. 

"We can't wait to share the luxury of this ancient craft with its cultural and colorful charm with everyone."

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