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Soft Building Blocks

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To let our children, develop their creativity and imagination EARLIER we need to create toys that are SAFER SOFT BUILDING BLOCKS



Tradition Overthrown. Revolutionary Ideas

It's the story of an old and traditional-making building blocks toy factory, with the coming of a new little family member, they embraced revolutionary ideas to overthrow the traditional building blocks and make them danger-free for babies. Designed from their own perspectives as parents, they carefully selected only the best quality.



  • Soft - so no little ones can hurt themselves with it.
  • Harmless materials to ensure nothing harmful can get into their healthy little mouths.
  • Ability to withstand hot water (100℃/ 212℉) cleaning, preventing germs contamination.




  • QUALITY - Safe, harmless TPR recycled materials.
  • Product size - 36.5x24.5x10(cm)
  • Suitable age - 6months and over
  • Tested format - 8P, HR4040, EN71, TW ST
  • Directions of cleaning - Boil in hot water of up to 100degree hot temperature



Ability for hot temperature cleaning, conveniently kills the germs

Colds and influenza alike are spread through the saliva and touch. Diligently cleaning and killing germs on what our babies touch and chew is the smartest way of keeping them safe. Thus, with high-end quality materials that won't degrade in elevated temperature, you can conveniently clean them daily.

TPR Recycled Materials, Safe and Harmless

No more stress when seeing your babies putting the toy into their mouths. These are no longer just building blocks, they can also be your babies' teethers during oral cavity growth period.


Light, Vanilla aroma

Many building blocks have a pungent plastic smell. With highly trusted TPR materials, our building blocks not only have nil plastic smell, there is a natural vanilla aroma.

Soft, round, no sharp edges

You can twist it, bend it, with the soft edges, you no longer need to stress about your babies or other people's babies getting hurt while playing building blocks.

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