Taiwanese Coffee Postcard (English and Chinese version set)
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Taiwanese Coffee Postcard (English and Chinese version set)

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Now coffee has become a very important role in our life, coffee is needed in the morning, leisure time, meeting, gathering and so on. Taiwan also produces its own coffee, those who have really tasted Taiwanese coffee will be touched by the multi-layered taste of Taiwanese coffee. The entrance is very rich, pure, and fragrant, and it returns to sweetness quickly, you don't feel bitter too much, it can be said to be the best in coffee.

The main market for Taiwanese coffee is for specialty coffee lovers and boutique cafes. With this postcard, you can know where  the coffee is produced in Taiwan, and you can take a look when you visit or travel to Taiwan and taste Taiwanese coffee.

Size: 14.8cm*10.5cm
Material:  Thick Paper
Designed in Taiwan Made in Taiwan

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