Single Layer Beverage Bag / Cup Holder
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Single Layer Beverage Bag / Cup Holder

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[Add a touch of color to life - single layer beverage bag]


After continuous improvement.

The single-layer beverage bag was finally produced ~

We insist on white stitching and match with pure color

It seems simple but it is complicated.

It took a lot of effort for the masters who hand-sewn the sewing.


Total of 10 colors to choose from.

The cloth label is small and can be placed on the straw

The long-sized handle can be easily hooked on the wrist.


Product specifications

Bag body: 13.5x5cm

Cotton webbing: about 19cm long and 1.8cm wide

(General beverage cup size can be used, except for oversized sizes such as fat cups)


[production method]

Sublimation transfer + hand sewing


[customized order]

If you want to make a large number of exclusive custom orders, please

 contact us

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