Double Layer Beverage Bag / Cup Holder
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Double Layer Beverage Bag / Cup Holder

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[Take a glimpse of the scenery - double layer drink bag]

As a beverage lover, do you always forget to bring a bag when you buy a drink??

Let the storage bag that is both stored and can be used on both sides to save you!!                  

Take advantage of the beautiful moments in life and integrate more natural

ecological elements into the flowers.                                                                               
Both sides of the simple plain and natural flower                                                            
Double-sided cloth labels can be placed on the straw.                                                   
The long-sized handle can be easily hooked on the wrist.                                                
It's more convenient to use, so you can take a look at the scenery.


Product specifications

Bag body: 13.5x5cm

Cotton webbing: about 19cm long and 1.8cm wide

(General beverage cup size can be used, except for oversized sizes such as fat cups)


[production method]

Sublimation transfer + hand sewing


[customized order]

If you want to make a large number of exclusive custom orders, please

contact us


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