BABY CAT Hand-sewn Wool Felting Dog Key Chain
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BABY CAT Hand-sewn Wool Felting Dog Key Chain

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I miss you?! Let it be with you at any time!!

We like to change a little, and each doll must be slightly different. (eg: pigment coating / nose size...) 

Come and collect your fluffy child.

★ Uses: hanging bag / hanging key / hanging desk / trailer / collection decoration.

★ Material & Size: Height 9cm x Width 5cm (including plus or minus 0.5) / Special felt non-woven / metal / polyester cotton / plastic eye / acrylic paint

★ Maintenance method: soak in water, wet and dry / not able to be washed and poke

★ Each computer screen has different colors.

★ The packaging design and accessories of the network and other cooperative sales platform are different from the in-store (market) supply. Some of the prices will be slightly adjusted. Please also bear with me. 

★ Product Precautions: Avoid children under the age of three playing with their own foods/avoiding pet bites or hanging too many keys, good habits and cherished hearts, can make the works use for 1-3 years

★ All works do not accept return service, please be careful buying

★ About shipping: We are worried that the works are under pressure, most of them will be sent in "carton packaging".

★ Made in Taiwan/ handmade


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