IMUG Taiwan Tea Bag #Rise of the Three Kingdoms 6g

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 【Rise of the Three Kingdoms】

Afterthe Battle of Chibi, the division of China into three kingdoms gradually 

became clear with Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Wu rivaling each other.



  • Taiwan's Best All-in-One Collection / Creative Tea Bags Make the Best Gifts
  • The Taiwan Tea SPA range flavors your tea with unique political figures and Taiwanese culture.
  • Combining local creative ideas with selected Dongding Oolong Tea, the interesting designs and rich symbolism are your best choice whether you are adding to your collection or giving them as gifts.
  • Instruction: Place tea bag in cup, pour in 200cc boiling water, steep for2-3 minutes before drinking.
  • After drinking, picture card may be removed for use as bookmark.

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